In the production process we have to deal with the creation of a source-to-target language translation, which will be suitable for the intended audience and will have the desired effect in the target language. Far from literal translation, we try to keep the original nuances and register that appear in the localized version, as well as the original message conveyed in an equivalent and culturally bound manner. Many of the types of documents we translate on a daily basis include:

  • EU texts
  • Legal Contracts
  • Literary texts
  • Medical texts
  • Technical Manuals
  • Website Content
  • Software Content
  • Brochures & Catalogs
  • Certificates
  • Video Games
  • and all types of other documents

With us, you do not need to be afraid of getting lost in translation.


In Linguamare, we believe that every word matters. Our team of qualified interpreters with long-lasting experience and expertise in various fields makes it possible for you to effectively communicate with your clients in their native language. We guarantee that your message will be heard loud and clear. Our aim is to identify the mode of interpreting and afterwards choose the right interpreter for our clients.


We produce high quality subtitles for any content. We use technologies and subtitling tools to deliver your subtitles at the required time. Moreover, we try to increase productivity and process efficiency using configurable, efficient workflows. And, of course, with the use of QC (Quality Check) tools we ensure all files meet the highest technical standards.


Rather than translating the source texts, our transcreation teams use cultural and linguistic expertise drawn from the target market to produce a culturally suitable version without losing the conveyed message of the source text.


Our graphic arts team consists of creative people with imagination and dedication and it guarantees that our clients will get what they want. Along with the client, we give form and shape to thoughts and ideas. Just think what you desire and we make it happen.


Our assigned editors refine the translated text by ensuring that the requested terms and style specifications, defined by the client, are incorporated and maintained throughout the assigned project. After all, cohesion and coherence are an editor’s top priority.

The editors also assure that the content is not a calque translation, meaning the text appears to be written in the target language and it is not a translation product.


Proofreading is the final stage of a translation process, taking place after editing. The proofreader has at his disposal only the translated text and makes sure that it is free of spelling, syntactical and grammatical mistakes. It is especially important in reviewing translated documents, where many errors can easily be traced. Our proofreaders ensure that the translated text is consistent and of high quality.